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Financial Times 

Bond market sell-off fails to upset fixed income ETFs

Will investors be trampled by the herd?

Passive managers struggle to mirror indices

Anxiety grows over resilience of government bonds

ETF giants bet on futures for flows

Banks retreat from benchmarks

Standardisation push divides opinion

Rumblings fail to shift foundation of top index providers

Asset managers ‘not as risky’ as banks

The net is closing in on money market funds

Lose the safety net and banks might find balance

Financial News

Why ETF peer groups matter

Providers of tracker products out to hook each other’s clients


ETFs under scrutiny over liquidity risk

Asset managers grapple with implications of cost transparency

Securities lending by asset managers facing scrutiny

Seeds of destruction? Funds grapple with index effect

The Trade

Does ETF “bottleneck risk” exist?

Full stop?

RFQ growth poses ETF challenge

ETF.com (formerly IndexUniverse)

It’s structure, not HFT that needs fixing

Building funds by module

China’s index challenge

In search of an active ETF model

Clash of the protocols

Index effect raises new concerns

iShares’ claims make me nervous

The ETF loophole (almost) everyone missed

The Libor scandal and indexing

Investment & Pensions Europe

How big can the ETF market become?

Global regulators take another look at ETFs

Active ETFs’ disclosure challenge

Factors shaking the alpha world

(Factor) crowding concerns

Getting the (factor) blend right

Journal of Indexes Europe

Dividend tax leakage in popular equity indices

FT Alphaville

ETFs – what’s the fuss about?

Securities Finance Monitor

From standardisation to diversity

Money Week 

ETFs – stick with the cheapest options

Shorting US stocks with an inverse ETF

Don’t bet on finding another Woodford

Outing the closet index funds

How to take the risk out of ETF trades

Global Custodian magazine 

Survival of the fittest (Summer Plus 2015)

Transaction cost debate hots up (Spring 2015)

ISDA protocol raises fairness and risk concerns (Forefront, Winter 2014)

Toward a seamless fund price (25th anniversary issue, Fall 2014)

From paper to big data (25th anniversary issue, Fall 2014)

The only way is up (cover story, Summer Plus 2014)

The death of prime brokerage (Summer 2014)

Outsourcing bites back (cover story, Spring 2014)

Reining in repo (cover story, Winter 2013)

Unstable foundations (cover story, Fall 2013)

Primed for change (cover story, Summer 2013)

What happens next? (cover story, Winter Plus/Spring 2013)

Private Investor

The future of ETFs (spring 2014 issue)

Campden FB

Eastern Europe: Turkish Delight

Thomas Murray IDS

Where are my assets?

Custodians mine the data seam

An investor’s guide to T2S

Restoring trust in foreign exchange

Should large clients of custodians seek extra protection?

Safekeeping questions

Blockchain disrupts securities settlement model

CCP battle drags on

FCA sets down custody marker

STOXX quarterly magazine

The triumph of the quants